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The BRoto Fantasy Podcast is a five-star rated fantasy football and baseball podcast brought to you by three brothers: Tim, Jason, and Michael Petropoulos. With a natural knack for fantasy sports, the brothers decided to create a fantasy sports podcast in order to connect with and share their knowledge with the fantasy community. Learn more about them below:


IMG_0133Tim Petropoulos, also known as the Hot Take Kid (HTK) from his sports podcast Veterans Minimum, never fails to make bold predictions about fantasy players – much to the dismay of Michael and Jason. The most “ride or die” brother, Tim will stand by his takes and reach for the players he wants.






Jason Petropoulos is a lover all things sports – especially when they’re fantasy related. Additionally, he is a lover of traveling… and George Kittle. Jason is an advocate of drafting RBs early and figuring out WRs later. He’s best known for drafting a very good bench and unloading that depth for starting lineup upgrades.







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Michael Petropoulos is the mathematical brother – he calculates a player’s fantasy points in real time for fun. He is also the “Zero RB” member of BRoto. Believing that early-round WRs are more reliable than RBs, Michael will fill his bench with upside RBs and have a force of a team if even one or two pan out.

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